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Who is allowed to submit an interference report?
Any FCC licensed operator of an 800MHz radio device, typically public safety, critical infrastructure industries, and business, industrial and land transportation 800 MHz licensees, can use this site to report interference.
When will I be contacted?
Representatives from the carriers will contact you at the telephone number you provided within 24 hours for interference reports made by public safety and critical infrastructure industries, and within 48 hours for all others. If you are not contacted within these time limits, you may wish to contact the carriers identified in your report submission confirmation directly to enquire about your interference report.
I submitted a complaint but no one has contacted me.
This system provides redundancy when sending email notification to carriers, but it is possible that messages may not be delivered successfully. Your confirmation page and confirmation email both contain a list of the carriers who were determined to operate near the site of your interference. You can always contact those carriers directly to follow up with your complaint.
I submitted a complaint and although some carriers contacted me, the interference has not been resolved.
Please contact the carriers identified in your interference confirmation email directly for resolution.
I did not get my complaint confirmation emailed to me.
Many email systems block messages that are suspected of being spam. Please check that your email system did not quarantine or block delivery of the confirmation email. Check with your email system administrator or customer support if you are unsure how to manage your anti-spam configuration.

Alternatively, if you register, you can log in to view your previous report submissions.
Do I need to attend the meeting that I scheduled during the interference report process?
A meeting to further investigate the cause of the interference was scheduled for the date, time and location you specified. Technical representatives of carriers operating in the area of your interference will be present. They will find it most helpful for reproducing and mitigating the interference if you or your technical contact can attend with your radio equipment.
I clicked "continue" or "submit" and was sent back to the sign in page.
For security purposes, users will be automatically logged out after 90 minutes of activity. If you have been sent to a login page while submitting a report, it is because this 90 minute period has expired.
I received an error / The site isn't working / My submission was not successful
If you are having technical difficulty with any part of the website, please contact our 24x7 technical support toll-free at 866-729-2204. If possible, please maintain your Internet connection and be prepared to access this site while you are talking with customer support.